Designer sunglasses

Complement your style with designer sunglasses in Stroud

Get the right UV protection for your eyes

Whether you are planning to go to the beach or participate in a summer sport, make sure you protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. At Paul Westley Opticians, we have a wide variety of sunglasses from popular designer brands.

Based in Stroud, our friendly staff will help you find a pair of designer sunglasses that suit your style, your look and your budget. We can also provide you prescription sunglasses with designer frames, so that you have the perfect vision and looks!

Looking for a comprehensive eye test?

Regular eye examinations are an integral part of your overall healthcare. Apart from regular eye tests, at Paul Westley Opticians, we also provide free of cost NHS tests. Your eye test will determine your need for a prescription eyewear and we’ll help you with that too!

Speak to us and book an appointment today if you’re located in Stroud.

Designer Sunglasses in Stroud
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